August 9, 2017 HeSpeaksVolumes

Check out my crooked smile

Today I could check off one of my goals that I set for myself in this journey. When I began writing my plan to become a public speaker I didn’t know it would go in this direction. One of my goals were to straighten up my teeth. Growing up my teeth were all I knew and I didn’t think much about it until my cousin cracked on me real hard. My cousin Anthony was older and honestly acted like he didn’t care for me too much. I can remember him talking about my teeth and saying things that I never even paid attention to. I knew I had a gap and a few other discrepancies, but the whole “your bottom teeth are too small for your big ass top teeth” shocked me. I can laugh at it now but back then it made me self-conscious of it. So, on this list of goals I created, getting my teeth fixed was listed at #4. I knew that people always looked you in your eyes when you talked to them, but when you are talking for durations those eyes can drift to your mouth. So as a speaker I wanted to have the best presentation as possible. Didn’t think the plan all the way through, I just knew this was what I’m supposed to do with my life and called the dentist. It all happened so fast that I couldn’t believe how fast I went through with it. I never factored in the payments or how I was even going to pay the bill. I had faith and I knew that I wanted to have a nicer smile by my first speaking engagement. Well guess what happened? I got my first speaking engagement shortly after putting the braces on and my entire plan was out of the window. Turned out to be a great problem to have and I continued my journey.

HOW DO YOU FEEL knocking out that goal?

To see the before and after pictures brings me a feeling of accomplishment. I wrote my goals down to hold myself accountable and watching them get completed excites me. I must create new goals to prepare for my conquest, but it feels good to accomplish something. Getting my braces off feels better than I could have ever imagined and my smile is no longer internally embarrassing. I can’t stop smiling and appreciating the great job that was done on my teeth. In February 2016, I wrote out my goals and on April 28th that same year I got my braces. On August 7th 2017 I could cross out this goal and further my journey as the best public speaker of inspiration for the people in need.

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