February 1, 2018 HeSpeaksVolumes

As you get older so do your elders. Appreciate them while they are here…

As my generation and the one that follows gets older so does the generation that came before us. Some of the last people on Earth that survived deep south racism, the death of civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr, have access to the original fried chicken recipe, and so much more.

The knowledge and wisdom inside the brains of that generation are remarkable.

As you look around, there are less of them around.

Father time is taking these wise souls away from us one at a time and going with them is a ton of intelligence.

We should appreciate the time we have with our elders and listen to some of those stories they attempt to share.

One day soon this will relate to you and your life. Until that day comes, enjoy your elders and treasure the time you have with them.

Father time is undefeated, and this race is coming to an end for plenty of our living legends.

They come from an era when the family was all you had and sticking together was a requirement. The racism we face today is nowhere close to what this generation faced. Most of them were young when these horrible acts of racism were displayed, but they grew up in that era.

Let’s celebrate their birthdays like it’s a national holiday because one day they will all be gone. The family matriarchs, the wise one who knows all the home remedies, the spiritual guide, the ones with the specialized skills in the kitchen that warms all our hearts, and the list can go on.

Take a moment to check on your elders and sit with them long enough to absorb some of their knowledge. Appreciate them now, and the next generation will appreciate you later.