Sean Archer Is

an author, mentor, and motivational speaker who specializes in saving the world one family at a time.

Sean spent most of his early years as a hip-hop artist and transitioned into radio and artist management all while enlisted in the US military. Helping push records for the underground artist before they rose to stardom like Big Krit, Travis Porter, Mickey Factz, Scotty ATL, and more.

Sean transitioned his life after devoting his life to Christ and finding a Church home. The true definition of a second chance, Sean put himself in plenty of uncompromising situations with bad decisions. From gangbanging to selling drugs, Sean has seen it all. Finally out of his own way, Sean has decided to finally listen to the elders in his life and follow the path God has paved for him.

Sean currently is the author of his first book “11 Signs He’s Wasting Your Time”. Also currently working different community based efforts to help couples and the urban youth. His second book “The Art of Choosing: A Guide to Attracting, Choosing, and Keeping the Right Partner will be released June 17th, 2018.

Through his ‘Promise Yourself A Good Day’ slogan Sean has created a platform that has transformed communities and people globally. Promise yourself a good day has been put to good use with social issues such as our youth. This one simple slogan has become something bigger than ever imagined and people are taking notice.


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