November 26, 2018 HeSpeaksVolumes

Why You Should Never Feel Guilty For Choosing Yourself First


Many times we try to help others and give those in need our last. That’s a very noble gesture and it might be the right thing to do. However, how can you successfully pour into others if your pitcher is empty? You can’t give others your last ounce of cares/funds/time/energy; you have to have “it” to give “it.”

I recently took some time off to recharge my battery and to make sure I had something of value to give back to those in need. However, in reality, I was the one in need this time, so I had to be selfish this go around and pour into myself. Doing things that solely made me happy. I enjoy speaking, writing, and helping others, I genuinely do. The truth of the matter is, those things make a difference in the world. The only issue is they all involve helping or being there for others. So being selfish and doing some of the things that were just for me. I took heat for my fascination with video games, but that is one of the things that I enjoy doing that doesn’t involve anyone else.

It’s okay and pretty much a requirement to have some “ME” time. Your batteries need to be recharged now and then for you to perform at optimal levels. Never feel guilty for choosing yourself first, now and then. You can’t and won’t be able to give anyone or any situation 100 percent if you don’t have the 100 to provide. We live in a time where the noise will never stop. You will always miss something because the Internet never sleeps. You have to trust the fact that you will miss a few things or you will catch up on them later.

Meditation and self-evaluation are critical elements into a happy, peaceful life. In a world filled with chaos, a moment of silence while we are living is just as important as a moment of silence for us when we are not. You only have one life to live, to be the best YOU the world needs; you have to devise time for yourself. The most important equation of all this is you! Take care of yourself before you even think about taking care of anyone else.