July 29, 2019 HeSpeaksVolumes

Monday Morning Motivation – One day or day one

This morning the phrase “One day or day one” was substantially on my mind. We all put things off for another day or set a date in the future to start our something, only to miss our own deadline. You are not the only one guilty of this, trust me.

I will start my diet on Monday is a common phrase from people wanting to start but consuming outrageous portions over the weekend. Why not start as soon as the thought crosses your mind?

I am going to start my business next year. Why next year? What is so special about next year, as opposed to the one you are living in now?

You can wait around for one day, someday, or the other day. Just know that there are seven days in a week and none of them go by any of those names.

Just START and figure the figuring out later. Day one is only the beginning, but it is the start of something great for YOU. You can’t save thousands of dollars without starting with that first dollar. Give yourself a chance – bet on yourself.