January 1, 2019 HeSpeaksVolumes

Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year to you.

Let us bring in 2019 with an outlook of positivity and nothing but joy in our hearts. If 2018 wasn’t as useful to you as you would have hoped for, take into consideration what seeds you planted in retrospect to what you harvested in these four seasons.

A plan might be what you need to reach the levels of success you wish for, alongside some hard work. 2019 will be the year of accountability; we will hold ourselves accountable for our victories but also our shortcomings. If and only if you are not where you want to be, look in the mirror and ask the person looking back if they worked hard enough to achieve their dreams. Be realistic and confident about your results and know that nothing will happen overnight but a good nights rest.

Things take planning, resources, time, and lots of energy. Set out realistic expectations, so you don’t feel like a failure because it hasn’t happened yet. Grab an accountability partner to assist you and help keep you on point. 2019 will be good for you, as long as you are good to yourself. Place yourself first, but don’t be selfish. Your health and well-being are imperative to your success this calendar year.

Do not be afraid to fail or avoid taking a risk in 2019, go for the gusto and figure it all out later. It may not be perfect but whatever it is, it is started and at some point will be complete. Keep your head up high and your standards even higher. You can’t want more for others than you want for yourself.

The only thing we will settle in 2019 is the score. Settle for nothing short of what you deserve and shine brighter than “THEY” want you to. No more haters in the new year, just spectators that disagree with our movement, but secretly wish they could have done it first or been invited along. Last but not least SMILE, smile so much that your lips get ashy and your teeth get cold. 2019 is yours, as long as you work at it.


Reset your grief, your worry, your mind, and anything else that held you back in 2018.


Promise yourself a good day,