August 5, 2019 HeSpeaksVolumes

Monday Morning Motivation – Netflix and Chill

Good morning and another “Happy Monday” to you and yours. Over the weekend,
I was watching Netflix and happened to fall asleep at some point during the
show. The following morning this thought came to my mind. When Netflix asks
us, “are you still watching” while we are still watching the movie it
irritates us that we have to move from the comfy spot to grab the remote to
answer this dumb question. Uhm, Netflix don’t you see that I am still
watching this show and you are ruining my groove?! We complain about this
feature every time it pops up, and when we need it, we don’t even realize
that the app saved us. When we fall asleep or leave the room, the app asks
this same question and eventually times out so we can pick up where we left
off or close to it, on our favorite shows.

The same thing happens in life. We are protected from harmful situations
and don’t even know it. We become upset with the removal of certain things
and people out of our lives. We cry when we lose employment, even though we
know it is not a good fit for us. We try to open up lines of credit and
feel defeated when we get declined, but that item was not needed nor could
it be afforded. The safeguards placed in our lives to save us from troubled
times are ignored, while we run directly into our problems. Think of a time
when you knew something was not for you and all the signs showed you, yet
you still did it anyway.

Stop getting in your way and watch how far you can go in life. Learn to
appreciate the small inconveniences like the “are you still watching”
feature when you don’t need it, because it sure is around when you do.

Promise Yourself A Good Day,
Sean Archer / @HeSpeaksVolumes
Monday Morning Motivation