June 14, 2017 HeSpeaksVolumes

Who is He Speaks Volumes

He Speaks Volumes. That’s what came to mind when I finally figured out what my purpose in life was. See after years of being in my own way and pulling in any direction except for the one I should have been heading. I decided to get my act together. Everything wasn’t perfect but I knew I had to start somewhere. I learned a long time ago that nothing you start will ever be perfect but once you start you can fix discrepancies along the way.

I asked myself one day what was I good at? Well I was a great writer, who in college would write an eight paged paper in two hours because I procrastinated on the assignment. I was a great speaker who aced public speaking class without ever writing out a speech like the teacher wanted. Last but not least I was always a person that others confided in. So as I thought about my main strengths and how to utilize them to make the world a better, I knew where to start.

I wrote all my plans on a sheet of paper and added the date when each task was completed. Everything from getting braces to fix my crooked smile so I wouldn’t be self-conscious of my teeth when I spoke. See I could cover my mouth or smile a certain way because I knew my limits. But if someone took a picture from another angle that wasn’t flattering I was in trouble. Started working out more and wanting to take care of my body. If you can’t take care of your own body, how can you begin to help someone else. My list wasn’t long but it was dedicated to my goal of becoming a public speaker that would change the world.

My change came about because I started to think about the end. I wondered what would be said about me at the end of my life. The point I was at, it wouldn’t have been anything worth talking about. Almost like wasted life or a basketball star so good that Jordan didn’t equal up to, but he never made the league because of self boobie traps. I wanted my kids, grandchildren, and future generations to tell stories about me. I wanted the community to tell my children or anyone that would listen about how much I tried to help and how good of a man I was. I didn’t want to be known for being a head bussa or cool ass dude. Those titles mean nothing in the end. So I began to work on my legacy. I want to be known for being me, the real me. The me that will help a stranger, the me that will listen to a friend vent, and the me that has his faults but is a great guy.

He Speaks Volumes is bigger than me and the mission may not be clear to others at this very moment. The goals I have set at times scare me but I know God won’t put more on you than you can bear. I am up for the challenge and will not back down from one. I’ve struggled against myself for years and it took a conversation from an elder to plant the positive seed in my head. The seed that I had heard before but I guess I wasn’t ready. But this time things were different. She said “you will be a great man of God who will help many.” She said I would be a preacher but I didn’t see that one. But once that seed was planted my brain worked and my heart followed. From that 45 minute conversation I gained another maternal figure and my spiritual mentor. I am forever grateful, thanks Mama Rose.

I am not perfect and I don’t have everything figured out. What I do have is a positive outlook on life and I continue to work hard to deliver help to my community. One family at a time I will save my community from the destruction I once participated in. I will rescue my community like a super hero from a Marvel comic. But just know I am regular guy that weathered the storm and God has done wonders in my life since I got out of my own way. The only thing super about me is my heart and work ethic, but you can call me He Speaks Volumes.