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The Only Way to Find The True Love You Desire…

When you look in the mirror you should see the love of your life. Not in a conceited way but, in a positive self-confidence way. You should see the greatest person in the world with the most talent at whatever it is you do staring back at you. You know you have faults but they’re overlooked the same way we do for others. Like that trifling partner that you keep taking back second chance after second chance. The person looking back at you in that mirror is in love with you and you return that love 100 percent. Saying all this to say, if you don’t love yourself how can anyone else? Yeah people like your mama and them are going to love you regardless. For a romantic partnership things are different. Your partner can pour into you the best love in the universe and all you can think about is why you’re getting treated so well. You like yourself but you don’t love yourself enough to know this is what you deserve.

See we teach people how to treat us and we also show people how to love us. If we have doubts or reservations on our love within, we will hurt ourselves in the long run. You can’t properly love anyone if you don’t even love yourself (Take that gem and write it down). You honestly wouldn’t know where to begin in how to treat them and what you should expect in return. When you love yourself, you know what your worth in value. When you love yourself, you know what you want in a relationship. When you love yourself, you will love yourself enough to protect your peace.

When you don’t know your worth or how to protect your peace, you allow others to dictate your happiness. Your happiness comes from within and not from outside sources. Your partner is there to enhance the happiness that already resides inside of you. Your partner isn’t there to make you happy. Your partner is more so a happiness enhancer (An enhancer to the already happy. Write that down too). Many people look to their partners for happiness and end up disappointed in the process. The sad part about it is, the blame will still go everywhere except the person you face every time you see a mirror.

When you love yourself properly and unconditionally, you open the doors to endless blessing to enter your life. Things will just happen for you and people will enjoy your company. You will find out that not only is your intimate relationship flourishing but your other relationships too. When you love, yourself you emit a frequency that unexplainably sends more love your way. Love yourself like you’re supposed to and watch your life change for the better.

Love yourself first, so you can teach the world how to love you better.

Sean Archer is an author of The Art of Choosing and The 8 Pillars of a Healthy Relationship (Nov 2017), a mentor, inspirational speaker and a contributing writer at

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