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4 Ways For Minority Families to Trump, Trump

America hasn’t changed for minority families because Trump became president. This is the same America we have had for decades. This was the same America even with a minority in office. Nothing has changed, but people are still hoping and wishing for it too.

But ask yourself why does the minority family have to suffer or struggle?

What can we do to get on the right track?

The answers are simple and start inside your home first.


Many families rely on everything but themselves. The independent mindset of our ancestors has been forgotten for the next handout or easy way out. As a group, we don’t create our own resources, and many of us don’t support the few that do. An item of clothing sold by a fancy European designer can sell for as much as a mortgage and people will make it their business to make the purchase. Clothes by one of our own become discounted with a scrutinized price tag. The most prominent form of independence that the urban family needs are financial independence. Financial freedom gives resources and opportunities not presented to those living paycheck to paycheck. Finances are swapped out as the number one or two reasons most marriages fail. Work as a unit on mastering your finances, if one partner manages the funds better let that be their job. Remembering that you are a team that needs to work together is essential. Learn different ways to earn revenue streams and how to invest your profits properly. Many families in America have less than $300 in their savings account. Looking at that $300 ask yourself what can you buy if your family has an emergency?


Love may sound like the cliché answer or reason for the minority family to succeed, but it’s vital. Without love at the center, there is no family. Love inside a house creates the home. Yes, you can continue to as a married couple without any love present but what fun is that? That may work for some who are business partners in a traditional sense. But that will not work for your children who will see straight through your facade and grow up having the same issues in their relationships. To conquer that dilemma keep love at the forefront of your relationship. Love indeed does conquer all.

Not only loving your companion but loving your neighbor is a broad statement and not just limited to your direct neighbor with the disruptive kids and loud pets. This is about the communities across the nation. Love your neighbor and be willing to network with each other to build our communities. Once your house is in loving order, spread that love through collaborations to establish a unification of all families ready to exceed expectations.

More goals, fewer distractions


Family eating dinner

We are all distracted daily by devices that transmit media. The cell phone and television are the primary devices that you can misplace hours of your time and not even realize it while cutting into quality family time. The time needed to build and uplift the family. Look at the quality family time as the time to recharge and connect as one. If the distractions are present, then so is the connection. Spend more time working on your goals, individually and as a collective. Write down your goals and place a date next to each one to hold yourself accountable. The focus these goals will give you and your family will only strengthen the bond. It all ties in together as this undistracted time gives you the chance to work on bettering your family. Improving your family is the start to helping the next family.

Continue to dream

Don’t get complacent and settle with the attitude that ‘life happened.’ Yes, life happens to all of us and if you are correctly building your family, kids will come. Not only may children arrive but so will many bills and debts that can kill your dreams. You have to remember that these are your dreams and you don’t want to live a life of regrets. You might be comfortable going and coming from work just to sit on your couch. Watching your favorite television shows every single day may excite you. If this is you, then none of this applies to you. But deep down if you miss your old self before life took over, continue to dream. Push forward and battle complacency. Chase your dreams and show your children that if they put their mind to it, they can be anything. Show the world what you were meant to be and live life without any regrets. Turn your dreams into a reality and inspire someone to do the same.

unified family
Through unification and bettering our households, we can trump, Trump and every close-minded racist who has a heart filled with hate and malicious intent. It’s not Trump’s fault if we don’t succeed, it’s our own. Spread love amongst your household and let it spread from home to home. Together we can overcome any and every obstacle placed before us. The only thing holding us back is us. This is for us, by us….

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