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What’s stopping you from conquering 2018?

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What’s stopping you from conquering 2018?

2018 is here, and 2017 is over and done with. We can’t adjust or change the past, we can only look forward and live life.

You aren’t getting any younger, and this is the youngest you will ever be, ever again.

The goals and plans that were left behind in 2017 can be revisited and revised to live and flourish in 2018.
The only thing that is stopping you from conquering this new year at this very moment is you! You are the reason that you will love 2018 or despise it. This one is on you, and you need to be held accountable.

I’ve never believed in waiting until the 1st of January to get started on a goal or plan, the best advice I have ever given is to just go for it now. But since we are at the start of the year, work on those failed opportunities from 2017 and maybe even 2016 that you procrastinated away. Do not leave your gifts and talents unheard of for another 365 days because you don’t know how to start or have fear about what your friends are going to say about you. Don’t plan so much that, that is all you do is-PLAN. Your plans will never be perfect, and the timing may never be right, you just should begin and figure most of the details out as you go along.

The best thing you can do for 2018 is to start your “thing” or finish your “thing.” Don’t sit around and pout when those around you excel especially those with ideas like yours that you never executed on.

You can conquer 2018 if you want to. It’s enough room for us all to see success this year, just put in the work.
Write your goals out and place the date the targets were written. Read your goals as often as you can and do the work you need to do so you can cross out each goal written. Hold yourself accountable and gather some motivating friends to hold you accountable as well. Most importantly, do the hard work needed for you to achieve your goals.

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