January 22, 2018 HeSpeaksVolumes

11 Signs He’s Wasting Your Time…

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We allow people to take one thing from us that can never be replenished once wasted, that thing is TIME.

Time is one of life’s treasures that we all experience, that we all enjoy, and that we cannot live without when it expires. However, people give away their time and regret it wishing they could get it all back sometimes.

Don’t let dead-end relationships waste your time.

If you value your time and your heart the same, this may be for you.

Sometimes love just doesn’t work, but sometimes a man will only play games and waste your time. Many women have been able to respond to 11 Signs He’s Wasting Your Time and instantly remove themselves from a situation that was draining them of their time. Others have been able to identify their problems and become accountable to themselves behind it.

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