June 5, 2018 HeSpeaksVolumes

Life’s Cheat Code

We have all been told at some stage in life that something is impossible. Impossible may not have been the exact wording, but too hard or too much for you may have been said as well. The mere fact that someone would rob you of the encouragement you need to accomplish something that you sought out to do.

A lot of people have fears and limitations they have put on their own lives. They spread their worries like germs turning them into a widespread epidemic of what-ifs around them. It is possible that the first person that told you something was too hard for you or impossible was a parent. You may be wondering how someone so close to you could sabotage your growth, easy. Fear of success can be passed down like the generational curse it is. The same way success is passed along like a baton in a relay race, so is fear.

I remember when I was younger, I loved to jump from ledges or down flights of stairs. No one ever told me that was too dangerous or I should stop because I could get hurt. Without the seed of fear planted in the back of my head, I would jump fearlessly. Never got hurt and I would go on to hold neighborhood records amongst my peers in our own version of the Olympics. Without the cynical viewpoint, life is carefree and anything is possible.

Imagine all the things you could accomplish if you ignore everyone who said you just could not do it. Go for that new business idea you have, go ahead and go skydiving, put on those skates and go hit the rink. Follow your own heart and desires. Never let people place limitations on how high you can go. Maybe you can inspire them to lose the excuses and negative attitude about their own life, you never know.

Whatever you want to do in this beautiful life we have all been blessed with, you can do it. Disregard the noise sent to distract you from whatever it is you are set forth to accomplish. Be blessed and literally jump toward your envisioned opportunity.

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