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It Is Not All About The Title

How Important Are Titles in relationships? Dating and friendship guide

It is not about the title you give someone or the length of time you have known them that creates the bond. Some of your friends will treat you better than your family. Some of the people who have just entered your life will contribute more to your increase than those that have been in the wings for years. It may or may not be on purpose, but it is happening daily across the world. Being family does not always have to mean a relation by blood or marriage.

We give significant people in our life titles. Our best friend is the friend of all friends and should be the first we share all of our experiences with in life. That title should grant this special friend extra love in our lives, but a new friend can come in and show you a new level of love and friendship.

Just because someone has been in our lives for years does not make them any less toxic than anyone else. The titles we hand out mean nothing if the love does not match. You can meet someone and grow into a friendship that trumps even your best, does the fact that you may not have the history to go back years with them negate them from being great for you?

Energy does not dwell on a title or a time to show its face. People that are for you will be for you, and you will not have to guess it. No matter the title we give people in life if they are not living up to their end of the deal their replacement can be someone who is willing to put in the work and deliver the proper energy.

Through life, we meet people daily and allow some to enter into our personal space. Some of these people will end up becoming family to you and treat you better than some of those who share the same DNA with you. Because someone was born into the title mother, uncle, cousin, or even brother does not permit them to always be in your life. Toxic people come in all shapes and sizes. Some of the most harmful people will come from your bloodline. It is nothing wrong with some of your real friends taking a seat at the family dinner table as members and not guests.

A title means nothing if you are not backing it with action. The length of time someone has been in your life means absolutely nothing if the majority of the time has been full of turmoil. Know that it is okay to love some of your friends more than some of your family members.

-Sean Archer

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